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While Emerald City is being developed, we are launching our new website for Gangstaverse. Through this website, all the CROWN accumulated in the wallets will be claimable. 100% of the accumulated CROWN rewards (which you can see from the GangstaBet wallet page, will also be seen from the new Emerald City site) through LP, Staking and bOMM staking will be available to claim. The rough amount of CROWN that will be distributed as a reward as of now is 14 Million CROWN. The newly accumulated CROWN will be claimable once a week for now, and eventually, they can be claimed instantly (per block). We will also set up a bot in Discord to notify when the accumulated CROWN tokens are available to claim.

There will be a total supply of 250m CROWN tokens. The division of which will be as such:

How can you earn CROWN tokens?

The Gangstabet team is an ICON P-Rep and is continuously building and contributing to the ICON community. Anyone who delegates their ICX votes to the GangstaBet P-Rep will earn $CROWN tokens. From July 2022 we have been allocating 600,000 CROWN tokens monthly to delegators (normal+OMM) and we will continue to do so to Dec 2022.

The CROWN reward will depend on the quantity and period of the ICX vote. Delegate your ICX votes to GangstaBet P-Rep to earn CROWNs. Learn more about voting here.

2. Providing liquidity (GBET/bnUSD pool)

Every month 300,000 CROWN tokens are distributed among those who supply liquidity in the GBET/bnUSD pool. Provide liquidity to GBET/bnUSD pair in Balanced to get CROWN as rewards. Learn how to provide liquidity here.

3. Providing liquidity (CROWN/bnUSD pool)

Once we launch CROWN/bnUSD pool in Balanced, every month 500,000 CROWN tokens will be distributed among the CROWN/bnUSD liquidity pool provider.

4. Holding GangstaBet NFTs for one-time airdrop

CROWNs will also be airdropped to the GangstaBet holders of Level 2 and higher. The snapshot has already been taken on the 5th of August, 2022.

CROWN airdrop detail

CROWN Usage:

These tokens can be used to:

  1. Provide CROWN/bnUSD pair in Balanced after the launch. Currently, the monthly reward for providing liquidity pool is 500,000.
  2. Use with GangstaBets and a Golden Key to Mint Civilians.
  3. Mint land certificates for the Emerald City. These certificates will act as proof of ownership to get Land during the City launch.
  4. Lock in Forex (FX) to receive GangstaBet NFTs in the Sapphire City (Polygon Network)

Land Ownership Certificate Details

CROWN can be used to mint Land Ownership Certificates. Land certificates are the proof of ownership of land in the Emerald City. These certificates will be useful to claim lands in the Emerald City. 1/3rd of the lands can be bought by a fixed amount of CROWN. The certificates have information regarding the Zone of land. The zone could be either commercial, government, recreational, residential, educational, health, or industrial. There is an option to either use only CROWNs to mint these certificates and get a Zone assigned randomly OR to use CROWNs with BRIBE tokens to get a certificate of a specific Zone.

Land Ownership Certificates


CROWNs can be deposited in the Bank. When you deposit CROWN in the Bank, you will receive xCROWN. The Bank will receive a certain portion of fees from all the market activities in the Emerald City ecosystem which the stakers will be able to earn. There will be a periodic market buy for CROWN tokens which means that the xCROWN will always be more than the deposited CROWN. 10% of all CROWN of marketplace transactions will be deposited into the Bank. 5% CROWNs from all market transactions of the Emerald City and 2.5% CROWN from node rewards will also go into the Bank. The deposits and fees can be withdrawn instantly.

Get a step-by-step guide to depositing /withdrawing CROWNs to/from the Bank here.


CROWNs can also be locked for a period of 12 months to receive rewards in the Sapphire City (Polygon chain). Learn more about Forex here.



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