Experimental Playground: GangWars on Aleo for Advanced Verifiable Game Engine

3 min readAug 20, 2023

The GangstaVerse team will experiment with GangWar’s technology stack by integrating Aleo’s platform for advanced verifiable game engines.

As with any traditional (web2) game, the current simulation engine for GangWars runs on a central server, which means the system is still prone to attacks, and users cannot independently verify the sequence and truth of the game flow. Unfortunately, this is how most games in the web3 space operate — the assets are owned by the users (NFTs), but the games are run on a central server. We call it web2.5 (transitionary state between web2 and web3).

Even though we periodically push all the game event logs to Arweave for verifiability, we still have a long way to go for us to have a completely trustless way to run our game servers. This is the beauty of web3 and blockchain, which enables us to build such systems. Hence, our team frequently experiments with new technologies to see their feasibility.

The most exciting prospect lies in the subsequent innovative leap — the integration of Aleo’s platform to serve as the experimental playground for an advanced verifiable game engine. Within this engine, the incorporation of zero-knowledge proofs introduces a captivating new dimension. Imagine a gaming experience where intricate simulation logic is comprehensively verified on-chain, ensuring remarkable efficiency and seamless unfolding of complex battles and events.

Why Aleo?

Aleo is a game-changer in blockchain technology. Utilizing its advanced ZK platform and user-friendly Leo programming language, we can create a Verifiable Game Engine. Notably, Aleo’s unique ability to create rigorously tested and fair games ensures transparent and honest battles in GangWars.

Additionally, we can store the simulation logic within the contract itself. For GangWars to function smoothly and simulate effectively, intricate logic is necessary. Regardless of complexity, Aleo’s fixed gas fees simplify the process for admins and ensure smoother gameplay.

By integrating a portion of GangWars into Aleo, we’re not just choosing a blockchain, but embracing an approach that fosters fair play, prevents cheating, and offers an authentic, dynamic gaming experience. Aleo’s simple fee structure makes it accessible to all, setting the stage for the next chapter in the GangstaVerse journey.

GangWars on Aleo: A New Dimension of Play

Within the Aleo environment, players can select a character and engage in the game as they would in a traditional gaming scenario using the Leo wallet. While playing, the necessary ZK proof will be generated within the browser itself, courtesy of the work done by the Leo Wallet team.

We are excited to experiment Gangwars on Aleo, embracing an exciting new era. It’s a step forward that promises a gaming experience marked by unparalleled verifiability, fairness, and boundless innovation.

Please note that we will be launching on Aleo as an experiment only. We do not intend to launch a full-fledged game until we have clarity on the technology and integration.




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