GangstaBet and Paper Greets Partnership

2 min readJun 9, 2022

GangstaBet team is pleased to announce an official strategic partnership with Paper Greets — a platform for Non-Fungible Postcards (NFPs).

GangstaBet & Paper Greets Partnership

Like postcards, Non-Fungible Postcards or NFPs are collectible digital mementos with unique stories, art & meanings that you can send to your friends and family. Paper Greets is a multi-chain platform on Ethereum and Polygon which will later also be released on other chains like Avalanche, Harmony, Fantom, ICON, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Elrond, etc.

GangstaBet will be partnering with Paper Greets to release postcards for the GangstaBet community. GangstaBet will release a limited set of postcards, which will later be airdropped to their community members. The digital postcards or NFPs can be later sent to your friends and family with a personal message, or trade them on the secondary market.

With the launch of the Paper Greets platform, we will have a grand community giveaway of GangstaBet postcards. We intend to build a collaborative community between Paper Greets and GangstaBet. Learn more about Paper Greets here.

Artists in Paper Greets: Ruang Sempit, Binoy Cyriac

About Paper Greets

Non-Fungible Postcards or NFPs are digital representations of postcards. NFPs are collectible digital mementos with unique stories, art & meanings. They can be collected or sent to friends and family with a message, which eventually will reside in their digital wallets (and the blockchain) forever.

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About GangstaBet

GangstaBet is a digital collectible where people can evolve their characters for an eventual permanence on the blockchain. Every character has a unique appearance, name, and varying properties like classes & skills. GangstaBet takes a unique approach to distribute GangstaBetToken ($GBET) to its holders on a daily basis. The token can be used to change the name and skills of the GangstaBets. The supply of $GBET will decrease periodically and it will stop after 9 years.




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