GangstaBet marketplace to accept stablecoins after launch

2 min readSep 28, 2021
GangstaBet (images are samples only)

We are very excited to announce that GangstaBet NFTs can be listed for sale in either ICX or stablecoins for marketplace trading in the future. This was a direct feedback from our community members who want the option to use bnUSD, IUSDC, or USDS to buy or sell their NFTs.

GangstaBet team strongly believes in strong collaboration in the ICON community. We are excited to be able to build on top of the work of other ICON ecosystem projects (like Balanced Network or Omm Finance) that have introduced stable coins such as bnUSD, IUSDC, and USDS. We will engage and work closely with their core teams. Our goal is to build the most amazing NFT Digital Collectible project and we will not be able to do this alone.

Stable coin Integration:

GangstaBet NFTs may be listed for sale in either ICX or stablecoins. This benefits the sellers as they can set a stable price for their GangstaBet NFTs. This also greatly helps in the utility of the stablecoins in the ICON ecosystem.

Users are able to list their NFTs for sale in the marketplace
Users can buy NFTs from the marketplace
GangstaBet marketplace with flexible filtering

About GangstaBet

GangstaBet is a digital collectible where people can evolve their characters for an eventual permanence on the blockchain. Every character has a unique appearance, name, and varying properties like classes & skills. GangstaBet takes a unique approach to distribute GangstaBetToken ($GBET) to its holders on a daily basis. The token can be used to change the name and skills of the GangstaBets. The supply of $GBET will decrease periodically and it will stop after 9 years.

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