GangstaBet Release Date

Official Announcement:

GangstaBet will officially open up for pre-sale from 25th September 2021 at 15:00 UTC. All the 5,555 Gangster & Detective NFTs will be available for purchase for a fixed price of 80 ICX each.

The pre-sale will be open for a period of two weeks (until 9th October 2021 at 15:00 UTC) where people will receive additional $GBET tokens if they buy during that period. The additional tokens will enable the owners to increase the stats of their GangstaBets. The sale will end after all 5,555 GangstaBets are sold and there will never be more than 5,555 GangstaBets in the ecosystem.

Everyone who reserved their 5 GangstaBets through the reservation program would be able to claim their NFTs in the first two days (until 27th September 2021 at 15:00 UTC). The unclaimed GangstaBets will automatically move back to the general pool for others to buy them. A reservation guarantees a maximum of five GangstaBets for our early members. The last day to reserve GangstaBet is 10th September 2021.

There is no restriction to the number of GangstaBets a wallet can buy, but there is a maximum limit of 20 per transaction. For example: if you want to buy 25 GangstaBets, you have to buy in two separate transactions (practically, 20 in the first and 5 in the second).

It is important to iterate that distribution of the GangstaBets is completely random and cannot be predicted before the blockchain transaction is complete. This ensures that no one, including the core team, can have an unfair advantage in the allocation of GangstaBets. The GangstaBet NFTs and $GBET tokens will be instantly available after the purchase and later can be bought or sold from the marketplace.

After months of hard work & constant feedback from the community, we are extremely happy with what we have created. The daily distribution of $GBET tokens, changeable properties & fantastic art is what makes GangstaBet a unique digital collective project not only in ICON but in the entire NFT ecosystem. We believe that a strong foundation has been laid out for the long-term success of GangstaBet and we are confident that the community will drive this project in the right direction. We are excited to see how the project will evolve in the future.


The team has come up with a roadmap after the sale of the GangstaBets. We will keep our community members updated regarding the future roadmap and extensions.

GangstaBet Team

The GangstaBet team consists of a well-diverse team of people who helped us create this project from scratch. The founders initially did all the planning, coordination and production of the GangstaBets but later added few members from the community in several areas of the project like programmatic art generation, social media & future roadmap planning. We intend to keep growing the team & community for the benefit of the GangstaBet, ICON & the NFT community.



🕵️ Next-gen digital collectible on ICON transitioning into a Web3 game —

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🕵️ Next-gen digital collectible on ICON transitioning into a Web3 game —