GangWarOnBase Bounty Bonanza: $5000 in Prizes Await You!

2 min readNov 28, 2023

To celebrate our game’s launch, we’re hosting a giveaway extravaganza. Dive into exciting in-game activities, engage with the community, and participate in different campaigns to win awesome prizes.

How to Win:

Engage with the game, connect with the community, and participate in campaigns to maximize your chances of winning. Let the games begin!

What’s Waiting for You:

In-Game Adventures:

Conquer challenges, defeat opponents, and unlock exclusive in-game rewards.

Community Engagements and Campaign Participation:

Connect with fellow gamers, share strategies, and earn community-centric rewards. Test your skills in epic campaigns and seize victory for enticing prizes. These campaigns are happening on Twitter!

On Twitter and Discord:

Game Enhancement:

Aid us in enhancing the game even further by giving constructive feedback, and reporting bugs.

Note: This is a long campaign so be on the look-out for more additions to this article. We will make sure to give you a heads-up whenever there’s a new addition.




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