GangWars: Core Mechanics

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This article focuses on the core game mechanics of GangWars: Alpha version where the main goal is to build a base version of the game with a strong foundation.

GangWars is a semi-passive simulation game on Web3. There are multiple GangWars happening in the Emerald City for different objectives: Random Street Brawls, Clearing the Streets, Securing the high points of the cities, and more. For the Alpha version, only the first objective will be unlocked.


Each GangWar will have a maximum of 10 GangstaBets participating. GangstaBet holders will be able to connect their wallet and enter any one of their GangstaBets into a GangWar (24 hours before the war begins). The GangstaBets joining a war will be divided in two teams, in case of an odd number of players, a dynamically tuned bot will be added to balance out the teams.

GangstaBet Loadout

Players will be able to equip their GangstaBets with a vast combination of equipment, items, and sneak moves available in GangstaVerse. We shall discuss more of them and their roles in the game below:


Equipment is of two types: Main and support equipment

Main equipment

Main equipment can deal damage to the opponents. Weapons are a type of main equipment. They are of two types: Normal and default weapons.

Weapons in GangWars

Normal weapons are the type of weapons that the GangstaBets have to equip, these can be obtained via LootCrates or can be bought on the CRAFT marketplace.

Normal weapons have a stat called Durability (for melee weapons) and Ammo (for ranged weapons). Once the Durability/Ammo stat is depleted, the GangstaBet will resort to their default weapons.

Default Weapons are the weapons that the GangstaBets have as their accessories. These weapons will not have a durability stat since they can be used indefinitely.

Each of these pieces of equipment will have unique stats (Hit-rate, crit-rate, and damage) and implementation (number of targets damaged, number of hits, and status effect) which will be combined with the GangstaBet’s primary stat to provide a more personalized stat for each weapon.

Support Equipment:

Beer, Cocktails, and Hand Bag are special types of equipment known as Support Equipment. These three are more specifically default support weapons. Although they might not be damaging to the enemy, the support equipment will provide buffs to their allies.


Sneak moves are off-chain assets that the players can take with them inside a game. These are special types of actions that the player will be able to trigger manually during a GangWar. These can be obtained via LootCrates.

These assets come in different variations, some deal damage, some provide buffs/debuffs and some provide support to the user’s ally.


Items provide GangstaBets with a preliminary way to start GangWar with a boost. Items can provide stat boosts, status effect negations, or some unique effects.

They are on-chain assets that can be obtained via LootCrates or on the CRAFT marketplace.

We will share more detailed info about the in-game assets in a future article

The Gameplay


“Cover Fire and Heal” an event in GangWars

The game will progress through a list of events which are different scenarios that can occur during a game (events could be as simple as “3v3”, where 3 team members from each team will be selected to fight against each other; or it could be as complex as “Cover Fire and heal” where the team members will receive an undercover status effect and heal).


The turn for each GangstaBet is determined based on a speed list. GangstaBets have their own Speeds (SPD) which are refreshed after every cycle ie. after every player in a team has taken part.

The team member with the highest speed within the team goes first, followed by the member with the second highest SPD, and so on until the last team member. After each cycle, the speed changes are taken into account and the speed list is refreshed.

Status Effects:

GangstaBets will receive different status effects during the game, these status effects could be a buff (positive status effects) or a debuff (negative status effects). They can be triggered by events, sneak moves, items, or weapons.

Win condition:

There are two winning criteria:

  1. All the players in the opponent’s team have their health reduced to zero OR
  2. The team’s total health points at the end of the GangWar are higher.

Future Plan for GangWars

Armed with the information from this article, it may be easier to visualize what is in store for the future phases of GangWars. As stated before, the information shared is for the alpha phase of GangWars. All of the features are scalable and will be built upon in the next phase. Before we close out this article, we want to give a sneak peek of what’s in store for the future:

  • More Objectives: Currently GangWars only have one objective, but in the future, there will be more objectives for players to choose to tackle.
  • Team division: The first phase of GangWars has a randomized team division, in the future, it will be based on off-game elements in the form of association with Power Families and Houses within The Emerald City.
  • Type Speciality: The type of GangstaBet is one of the most charming aspects of owning a GangstaBet, further variations will be added based on these types.
  • Weapon variations: Despite the different weapon/stat builds possible in the current phase, there will be another layer of variation in the form of subtypes. This will allow for much more focused builds (eg. Support, Crit-master, Sharpshooter, etc.)
  • More Event addition: We will keep adding events to facilitate more interesting and amusing outcomes by incorporating additional mechanics.

P.S. These are just a portion of what we have in the plan.




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