GangWars — Getting Familiar with the Game Interface and its Assets

6 min readApr 13, 2023

GangWars is a simulation-based game with various RPG elements that impact the game’s outcome. Players will need to use GangstaBet NFTs to join wars.

Primary Stats:

These are the stats mapped from the skills of GangstaBets. All GangstaBets have 5 Primary Stats:

Strength (STR), Accuracy (ACC), Mastery (MAS), Agility (AGI), Luck (LUK)

Each GangstaBet’s skill points (listed in their profile) are mapped to form their Primary Stats and these Primary Stats are used to derive Secondary stats. Hence, upgrading these skills will increase GangstaBet’s Health Points as well as Damage output.

GangstaBet’s skills

Example: For GangstaBet #7, shown in the image, their skills (Racketeering, Shooting, Gambling, Physicality, and Street Smart) are used to calculate their Primary Stats for GangWars.

Secondary Stats:

These are the stats derived from the Primary Stats of GangstaBets. GangstaBets have 6 Secondary Stats:

Health, Speed, Dura/Ammo, Dodge Chance, Hit Chance, Critical Chance

You can check out your GangstaBet’s Primary and Secondary Stats here by clicking on their profile.

Learn more about Primary and Secondary Stats here.

Other on-chain and off-chain assets

New on-chain and off-chain assets (weapons, sneak moves, and items) are among the core elements of the GangstaVerse ecosystem for use in wars.

Each winning team is rewarded with LootCrates (as well as occasionally CROWNs). Additionally, there are other LootCrate rewards for the highest damage dealer (the Annihilator), the highest healer (the Savior of Souls — the SOS), and/or the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the wars. For more details, please refer to the LootCrates section of this document.

Note: All simulation information and logs are stored in a smart contract and can be viewed at any time.


GangWars LootCrates are tradable NFTs containing different combinations of in-game assets, including weapons, items, and sneak moves. They can be bought, sold, or claimed (burned) to obtain assets. Different types of LootCrates will be available for various conditions, with different combinations of drops. There are various types of LootCrates:

  1. Starter Crate: A limited collection crate with sneak-moves, items, and maybe even a weapon (if the owner gets lucky).
  2. Premium Crate: A limited collection starter crate with premium weapons, items, and sneak-moves.
  3. Alpha Crate: A reward crate for the members of the winning team in GangWars. It has chances to drop weapons, items, sneak-moves, or if the owner gets lucky, combinations of them.
  4. Golden Crate: A premium reward crate for the winners of GangWars requiring a certain amount of CROWN as a fee to enter. Along with assets similar to the Alpha crate, this crate will also drop a high-level weapon, item, and sneak-move.
  5. Annihilator Crate: A reward crate for the highest damage dealer in a GangWar. It contains in-game assets which increase the damage output. (Can only be won in GangWars with more than 5 players)
  6. SOS Crate: A reward crate for the player who provides the highest heals in a GangWar. It contains in-game assets which provide more heals. (Can only be won in GangWars with more than 5 players)
  7. MVP Crate: A reward crate for the highest contributing player — in terms of causing damage to the opponents as well as healing their teammates. (can only be won in GangWars with 5 or less than 5 players)
  8. Auction Crate: A special collection crate with the best weapons, items, and sneak-moves. There will only be a limited number of auction LootBoxes.

Winning teams of GangWars receive LootCrates for each member — each player may receive different assets inside the LootCrates. The type of LootCrates received by the players (Alpha Crate or Golden Crate) depends on the setting of the GangWar and can be viewed in the list of GangWars happening.


Weapons in GangWars, represented as IRC31 tokens, are equipment class assets used by GangstaBets to deal damage to other GangstaBets during GangWars. They are non-perishable assets, meaning that they can be used any number of times without being depleted. There are two types of weapons: primary weapons and default weapons.

  1. Primary weapons:

Primary weapons are on-chain assets owned by a wallet address that can be traded. These weapons have unique stats that play a crucial role in determining damage output by their owner in the game.

As of phase 1, there are 14 primary weapons.

2. Default weapons:

Default weapons are the types of equipment held by NFTs as accessories.

Accessories as default weapons in GangstaBet’s profiles

For instance, GangstaBet #7 shown in the image, with a Sawed-off Shotgun as their accessory will have this Sawed-off Shotgun as their default weapon.

Default weapons have unlimited ammo/durability. However, they will be somewhat less powerful compared to their primary types. Meaning, Sawed-off shotguns have lower stats compared to primary shotgun weapons.

Note: If the primary weapon is broken during the game, the NFTs will revert to using the default equipment they hold. In case a GansgatBet does not own any weapon as their accessory their default weapon will be a Knife.

Currently, there are 16 default weapons.

Equipment is also of two types: offensive and support weapons (available for use in the next phase). Equipment/weapons used to deal damage are offensive equipment whereas the equipment used to heal/support their team is support equipment. In the upcoming phase, Beer, Cocktails and Leather handbags will be introduced as support equipment.

Following is the list of Default Weapons:

Primary weapons

And following is the list of Primary Weapons

Default weapons

Note: If an NFT has no hand-held accessory, the default weapon will be a knife.


Sneak moves are a type of equipment class asset that players can use against their opponents to gain an advantage. Unlike items and weapons, sneak-moves are not tokens and do not comply with any token standard. This means they cannot be traded and can only be obtained through LootCrates. The reason these asset classes were not made tokens were so that the players could change them in between game to strategize against their opponents and get the best possible outcomes.

Like items, sneak moves are perishable and can only be used once before they are used up. Sneak-moves are as follows:

Sneak Moves

Note: A cycle is completed once every player in a team has taken part.

Example: If a GangstaBet uses a Poison sneak-move on their opponent, they will get poisoned meaning that they will suffer 8% of max HP as Damage, and their ACC will only be 80% for the next 3 cycles.


Items (IRC31) are assets that can be consumed before entering a GangWar. There are various items, each with a different use, that is basically divided into two categories: stat items and non-stat items. Consuming a stat-item (or stat-booster) will boost the in-game stat of the GangstaBet while consuming a non-stat item has its own range of benefits. The effects of an item will only last for a single GangWar.

The stat items are as follows:

Stat-items (Stat-boosters)

Each representation items have multiple serving sizes with its own amount of stats that get boosted if consumed. The serving size is as follows:

Multiple serving sizes of Stat-items

Example: If a user has consumed a Sushi Feast, then the NFT will receive an agility stat boost of 100 points.

Non-stat items will have their own effects — it may be increasing/decreasing the damage, dodging the first attack, reincarnation, etc. The non-stats item is as follows:


Example: If a GangstaBet consumes an Antidote before a game, the first poison effect inflicted at them will be negated.




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