Introducing The Emerald City

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GangstaBet started as a digital collectible with 5555 Gangsters and Detectives with changeable names and stats. $GBET tokens are distributed daily to the NFTs, and burning them is the only way to change their properties. With the upcoming Stories & Mobs/Police Unit, GangstaBet provides an immersive digital collectible experience where owners are an inherent part of the art.

GangstaBet NFTs

Four months after launch, more than 65% of the total minted $GBET tokens have been burnt to change the properties of collectibles, and more than 3 million ICX have been traded in the secondary market. This shows how GangstaBet has quickly become the flagship NFT project on the ICON blockchain.

Gangsters and Detectives from the GangstaBet collection have become the ultimate digital collectible. Today, we are announcing The Emerald City — the first of many expansions as part of the GangstaVerse.

The Emerald City:

Introducing The Emerald City on the ICON Blockchain.

After the massive success of the GangstaBet digital collectible, we are introducing a whole new level of play-to-earn DeFi game. It will be the first major City to be launched as part of the GangstaVerse. The Emerald City will be a gateway for the ICON community to a next-gen DeFi game that embraces the full potential of blockchain, with a compelling storyline, sophisticated NFTs with both collectible and gaming properties utilizing several DeFi components like staking, farming & yield generation.

The Emerald City will have something for everyone — investors to buy and hold high-value properties, yield farmers to find the best possible way to maximize rewards, and gamers to level up and enhance their characters. Ultimately, the winners will be the ones who can strategize their way to earn as many rewards as possible from the ever-changing GangstaVerse.

The gangsters and detectives are the prime assets in The Emerald City. They will protect areas, fight with each other to gain control of more land areas, and ultimately rule The Emerald City. As they control more parts of the City, their power increases, which means more rewards flow to them.

$CROWN (formerly $GG):

The Emerald City is a bustling and busy city, and the precious $CROWN represents the values that fuel the entire economy. $CROWN is more than just the governance token, and there will be a lot of blood on the street fighting for the precious value.

You’ll be able to earn this token by delegating your ICX votes to the GangstaBet P-Rep, providing liquidity to the $GBET/bnUSD pair, and performing various in-game activities in the City.

More details here.


There will be a total of 11,111 city blocks in The Emerald City. It represents an area of 70m x 70m and can consist of one or many buildings. The entire City will be divided into several regions like Commercial Area, Government Area, Vacation Town, Airport, Shopping Area, Residential Area, Park, Apartments, Suburbs, and so on. Each area will play a significant role in the way you earn rewards.

Anyone can own Lands (City Blocks) in The Emerald City, but only gangsters or detectives can protect and rule them. The level will determine how many, and the class will determine how long they can protect the land. The high-level GangstaBets will be able to protect more blocks. E.g., Mob Boss or Chief Constable (Level 10) can protect more than 10x land than a Casino Worker or Junior Detective (Level 1). The rare GangstaBets can protect land for longer than the common ones. E.g., A Commander can protect more land than a Brute.

The location, pattern, and type of areas gangsters or detectives protect will directly impact their rewards. The battle to protect the prime real estate will be bloody with lots of $CROWN on the line.


Despite the high crime rate, or rather because of it, The Emerald City is flourishing. It is a land of opportunity for people who don’t mind the brutal gangsters or vigilant detectives. Instead, they want more people to come and work in the City, which will bring more prosperity and riches.

The Emerald City attracts people from various paths of life and professions, and the gangsters and detectives are the ones who can bring civilians to the City through The Bridge.

Each Civilian will have a specific class and subclass with skills and capabilities, with which they work hard and perform their duties. And in this marvelous and doomed City, their labor and loyalty are highly rewarded if they know what they are doing and with whom they build their relationships.

The class, subclass & profession of civilians depends on the two gangsters or detectives who bring them to the City through The Bridge. Civilians can be Mayor with a high degree of Wisdom and Endurance, Hacker with strong Intelligence and Agility, or Spy with low Honesty and Teamwork.

Civilians will have classes like Mayor, Politician, Tycoon, Dealer, Spy, Builder, Informer, Officer, Chef, Manager, Hacker, Activist, Medic, Journalist, Worker, and many more. Each Civilian will have random values assigned to their attributes: Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom, Honesty, Teamwork, Agility, Endurance, Luck.

The probability of bringing a new civilian with certain classes and attributes will be shared in the future.

Gen0 Civilians can be minted by using any of the two GangstaBets (gangsters or detectives). The type of Civilians who are minted will depend on which two GangstaBets are used. The higher level and rarer GangstaBets you use, the higher the probability of getting a rarer Civilian.

The Bridge:

The Bridge is where new civilians are brought to The Emerald City.

For the first generation (Gen0), bringing in new civilians will require a combination of any two GangstaBets (gangsters, detectives, or both). The class and level of the two GangstaBets will determine the primary profession, class, subclass, and stats of the Civilians.

The Bridge also requires a Golden Keys (IRC-2 token) that will allow the GangstaBets to cross The Bridge and bring in a fellow civilian to their City. 25% of the Golden Keys required to bring Gen0 civilians will be airdropped to the community. Golden Keys can also be earned by taking your Civilian on a Journey.

Gen0 Civilians:

There will be a total of 2000 Gen0 Civilians. 50% will be airdropped to the community members esp. GangstaBet holders, whereas the remaining 50% can be minted (brought to the City by the Bridge) by using gangsters and detectives. After the 2000 Gen0 Civilians, the next Civilians would be Generation 1 and above, based on which two Civilians cross the Bridge.

Since Gen0 civilians are the first people to migrate to the City, they will have special roles and privileges. They can bring as many Civilians as they can, whereas Civilians of consecutive generations can only bring a certain number of Civilians with them.

Gen1+ Civilians:

Gen0 Civilians can bring in as many more people as possible, but Gen1+ civilians can bring in limited Civilians to the City. The class, subclass, attributes, and professions of the Civilian depend on which two Civilians bring them to the City. Golden Keys will be required, which can be earned by taking them on a Journey.

E.g., If Gen1 and Gen2 Civilians cross The Bridge to bring in a new Civilian, the new Civilian will be Gen3 (plus one generation to the highest generation who crosses the bridge).

More details to follow.


Civilians can go on various Journeys in certain areas of the City to perform tasks and challenges. At the end of the Journey, they will receive items and rewards. Finding the right match between the profession, type, city area, and work will be more rewarding to the civilians, which in turn will bring rewards to the gangsters and detectives who are protecting their area.

There will be two types of journeys: Tasks & Challenges. Tasks are regular work that the civilians perform on a day-to-day basis. This will enhance their skill and experience in doing the task better and, in return, will bring in more rewards and the possibility of finding rare items. Challenges will be more arduous journeys where you’d go on a mission with one of the gangsters or detectives. Challenges will be hard & time-consuming, but the rewards are very high. There will also be a chance that your civilian might be burnt (optional). If they do, you’ll receive additional rewards.

A few tasks will be available initially, and we will keep on expanding as we progress with the game. The professions of the civilians, the areas in which they perform the task, and their skills impact the returns. Each type of civilian is better at a specific profession, so picking the right person for the job will significantly improve your returns and the chances of receiving items.

After each journey, there will be a resting period (cool-down) to regain their energy. Once they are well rested, you can take them on another journey across a different part of the City.

Details of the tasks, challenges & rewards will be shared in the future.

Civilians can go on different types of Journeys in the game. They need to select an area (Commercial, Residential, Airport, etc.) as part of their Journey. After the Journey is complete, they will receive rewards ($CROWN, items, equipment, etc.). The more time they are in the Journey, there will be more dice rolls to receive rewards. The rewards will be distributed to the GangstaBets and Owners of the City blocks of that area as protection fees. Finding the right Civilian, area, profession, and Journey will yield high rewards.

Leveling Up:

All Civilians start with Level 1 as their base level. After completion of a journey, they receive Experience points. Once the experience points are maxed out for that Level, you can take the Civilian to the Hospital to level them up. When you level up, your energy and stamina increase to go for longer journeys.

While leveling up, your stats will also increase for both your profession and attribute. This will help you gain more equipment and items, which the gangsters and detectives can use to protect more land in the City.


Phase 1: Gangsters and Detectives / $GBET

Phase 2: The Emerald City

Phase 3: Civilians

Phase 4: Items and Equipment

Phase 5: Battle / PvP & PvE

Phase 6: Expansion to The Sapphire City (Polygon Network)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How will this affect my current GangstaBets? Will this have a negative effect on my holdings?
The GangstaBet NFTs will have no change. There is no increase in the supply (will remain 5555) and no change in the $GBET distribution. Instead, GangstaVerse and The Emerald City bring a whole new utility for your GangstaBet NFTs. GangstaBets are also the genesis for the Civilians, bringing value to the City and making way for more people to be involved and enjoy this new form of DeFi play-to-earn game.

Since GangstaBet themselves are standalone, you can continue holding and using them as you were — changing names, writing stories & upgrading stats.

How can I use by GangstaBet?
Gangsters and detectives will rule the Emerald City. They can protect the land (city blocks) for a specific time. The high-level GangstaBets can protect much more land than low-level GangstaBets, which will enable them to gain more rewards from Civilians who work in their area. As Civilians find equipment and items during the journey, they can be used to protect more lands or tighten their grip on their lands.

Does GangstaBet class and level play a role in the City?
Yes. The level (Casino Worker..Mob Boss / Junior Detective..Chief Constable) will determine how much area (city block) it can protect, whereas the class will determine how long they can protect the area. It can be boosted by using equipment and items, which can be found on the Civilian journey.

What benefit do GangstaBet holders have?
We will be airdropping 50% of all Gen0 Civilians to the community, mostly to the GangstaBet holders.
We will announce the specifics of how that will happen. All Gen0 Civilians can be minted (brought to the city) by GangstaBet NFTs only.

Is there a way to earn $CROWN tokens before the launch?
Yes. You can earn $CROWN tokens by delegating your ICX votes to GangstaBet P-Rep, providing liquidity to GBET/bnUSD pair in Balanced, and holding on to GangstaBet NFT for a one-time airdrop.

Is there a max supply for Civilians?
There will be a maximum of 2000 Gen0 Civilians. The Civilians’ properties will be completely random, and it will depend on which GangstaBets cross the Bridge to bring them to the City. The number of new Civilians from consecutive generations will depend on how people use the existing Civilians to bring new people to the City. To limit the supply, there will be a cool-down period for all Civilians and a max limit for each generation except Gen0. There will also be a sink to burn the Civilians.

During battles & challenges, there will also be a chance that your Civilian will die (burn). Since Gen0 are valuable, they won’t be burnt, but the rewards during challenges would be less than other generations.

How will Civilians look? Will they be pixelated as well?
We are experimenting with their character design — both pixelated and vector. We do not have a decision yet. Our goal is to make sure that all the art looks good in the City.

Is $CROWN a new token? What about $GG?
No. $GG (GangstaBet Governance Token) has been renamed to $CROWN. Everyone accumulating $GG through vote delegation or providing liquidity will receive $CROWN. Just to reiterate again, we are not introducing a new token. $GG token is being renamed to $CROWN.

How will $CROWN be used in the City?
$CROWN will be the ultimate token in The Emerald City. You will be able to claim lands using the $CROWN tokens, bringing Civilians will cost $CROWN, leveling up Civilians will cost $CROWN, buying items & equipment from the marketplace will also cost $CROWN. $CROWN can be earned by going on Journeys, delegating votes to GangstaBet P-Rep, and providing LP. There might be other ways to earn $CROWN in the future.

During the expansion to The Sapphire City, you will have an option to bridge your $CROWN tokens too.

What is the Golden Keys?
Each item or equipment in The Emerald City will either be a fungible or non-fungible token. Golden Keys are fungible tokens (IRC-2 standard) needed while bringing a new Civilian to the Emerald City. Civilians can earn the token by going on Journeys, or you can get it from the DEX.

When will you share the gameplay and probabilities of Civilians, Journeys, and rewards?
In the coming weeks, we will publish details on the gameplay with probabilities on journeys, challenges, Civilians, leveling up, etc.

Will we get to stake our $CROWN tokens?
Yes, you will be able to stake your $CROWN tokens to earn game fees. There will also be locked staking, which will allow you to get the governance tokens in The Sapphire City in the Polygon Network.

Will Lands and Civilians be tradable in the marketplace?
Yes. Since they are non-fungible tokens (IRC-31 token standard), they will be tradable in the GangstaBet and Craft marketplace

What about Pubs, Gallery and Museum?
The vision of The Emerald City is to be both a collectible and a play-to-earn asset. Like GangstaBet NFTs, the owners can treat them as a digital collectible to name and write stories. There will be special places like Pub, Gallery, and Museum where people can earn rewards.

What is the Sapphire City?
The Sapphire City
is an extension of GangstaVerse in the Polygon Network. Few blockchains have reached out to us for the expansion of GangataVerse. In our first expansion, we have selected Polygon Network. Polygon also has some major players in their GameFi space like SunFlower Farmers, Crazy Defense Heroes, etc.

We are in touch with their core team for the expansion. The discussions are still in the early stages and will be announced in the future. We plan to create a parallel team in a couple of months to start the expansion work.

What are PvP and PvE?
Player Vs., Player, and Player Vs. Environment. Compete in regular tournaments to earn $CROWN rewards.




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