Launching GangstaBet P-Rep + 1,000,000 $CROWN Airdrop to Stakers in November

The GangstaBet team has decided to become an ICON P-Rep to further build and contribute to the ICON community. We will use the node rewards to provide liquidity to $GBET & $CROWN tokens in DEX along with enhancing the GangstaBet ecosystem.

Everyone who stakes & votes for GangstaBet P-Rep is eligible to earn from the reward pool of 1,000,000 $CROWN tokens for the month of November.

We understand that becoming a P-Rep comes with a lot of responsibilities, and we are grateful to the P-Reps who supported us from the start. As a P-Rep, we plan to work closely together with several other P-Reps in collaborations, partnerships & initiatives. Our top priority is to build GangstaBet in ICON and keep building, engaging & contributing. We have proven ourselves as one of the most popular NFT (at the time of writing) in the ICON blockchain, and we have so many plans in our future roadmap.

Our primary goal is to develop the NFT ecosystem in ICON and bring more people into our ecosystem. We are extremely proud that GangstaBet NFTs were many people’s first NFT purchases. Some even used their ICX for the first time after ICON’s ICO — GangstaBet was their first utility in the ICON blockchain. We are proud of that and want to take it further with GangstaBet’s second chapter.

Yes, we are live!!

We have already applied to participate as an ICON 2.0 P-Rep but ICON team asked us to join when the migration is complete. We are so excited & ready to become a P-Rep and contribute to ICON. Help us become one of the Top 22 Main P-Rep by staking & voting for us.

If you have any questions regarding staking or voting, please reach out to us in our Telegram or Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the node rewards be used?

We thought long and hard about how we can help build the community with the ICX rewards that ICON provides us. One possible way was to share the ICX rewards directly. It definitely is something that we could do to push ourselves to the top, but it doesn’t help the ecosystem in the long run. We want to create value esp. exponential value of the holders of $CROWN token. Hence, we decided to put the node rewards back in the liquidity pools of $GBET & $CROWN tokens for a stable & liquid price of the tokens.

This will greatly benefit the holders of GangstaBet NFTs, $GBET tokens & $CROWN tokens. If you are a true believer in the GangstaBet project, we highly encourage you to stake and vote for us. If you want to be rewarded with $CROWN tokens, you should vote for us.

How much reward will we get?

There will be a pool reward of 1,000,000 $CROWN token for the month of November 2021. A weighted snapshot will be taken on 30th November 2021 mid-night PST and the individual rewards will be calculated based on the percentage voted for GangstaBet P-Rep. For eg., if an address voted 5% of the total votes in the month of November, they will receive 5% of 1m $CROWN tokens, which is 50,000 $CROWN tokens. People who try to game the voting will be removed from the reward pool.

The more you stake with us, the more rewards that you’ll receive. The more everyone stakes with us, the more ICX rewards will be provided as liquidity in DEX. This will also help accelerate the development of the GangstaBet ecosystem.

Will there be more monthly rewards?

Yes, we will provide monthly $CROWN tokens rewards from our Staking/LP Pool (27%). We will publish the amount of $CROWN tokens that will be in the monthly reward pool at the starting of each month. You can expect to receive monthly rewards for up to 2 years or until the community decides.

How will we receive the rewards?

You can expect to receive the rewards in your wallet by end of December.



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