Leaderboard Rewards in GangWar: Base

2 min readNov 28, 2023

GangWars on Base will have a similar reward structure to what we currently have in ICON. The rewards are divided into seasonal rewards and monthly rewards.

Note: For the first month of GangWar: Base, the monthly reward duration will be from Nov 28- Dec 31.

The items, weapons, and sneak moves found inside these LootCrates will be revealed at a later date, but these will be similar to what we currently have on ICON. The Seasonal Top Wins Crate will contain 1 Golden Key. The Golden Key allows holders to mint a Generation 0 Civilian in ICON’s Emerald City (GangstaVerse).

First Month Rewards

As mentioned previously, for the first month of GangWars: Base, we will be giving away rewards worth USD $5,000 through various events. A part of this reward will be given to the top performers on the leaderboard.

The usual categories of Wins, Participants, Kills, Damage, and Healers will be considered for the leaderboard rewards. The rewards given to them are as follows:

Note: We are running a month-long campaign where you can participate in various events to win up to $5000 total in prizes.




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