Rock, Paper, Scissors(RPS) Mini Game

4 min readDec 27, 2023

Rock, Paper, Scissors(RPS) is the first game under the umbrella of GangstaVerse mini-games. A childhood favorite, it is a simple game- brought to life in the Emerald City’s dark streets with an exciting twist.

Step into the Emerald City, place your wager, and play a quick round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Play with a random stranger, or play with your friend, and earn amazing rewards along the way!

RPS Gameplay

The game is simple. A player can either host a game or if games are available, join a game hosted by other people. To host a game, the player has to place a wager and select their move. The bet will be made in either ICX or the Emerald City’s token CROWN. Players who are participating in the game have to match the bet and choose their move.

The choices of the move are as mentioned in the title of the game, Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Each player can choose any of the available options. There are three possible endings to the game, a win, a loss, and a draw.

The gameplay depends on three main rules: Paper captures Rock, Rock breaks Scissors, and Scissors cuts Paper. A player who chooses Rock will win against a player who chooses Scissors, but lose if the choice is Paper instead. If both players choose Rock, i.e. the same move, then the game will end in a draw.

Challenge for a Duel

Throw down the gauntlet and challenge others to a high-stakes duel. Choose your move, and Settle the score with your rivals.!

Stats and Leaderboard

General Stats consisting of the total number of players, games played, and no. of transactions are shown. The total $CROWN and $ICX reward pools and the platform fee are also listed along with the stats.

RPS will be played in rounds usually of 1 week. A leaderboard is maintained for each round. Once a round is over, all the stats and scores will be reset. Each new round is a fresh start, however previous round stats will always be recorded on blockchain so that the legacy continues.

(Note: As new crimes/games are introduced the rounds’ duration will increase accordingly.)


Each player has a profile in the minigame which consists of their basic stats, and historical data. You can peruse their profile, and add them as a friend to play with them in the future or start a conversation.


Respect is a symbol of your place in the game. As you play the game, you will earn respect from other players based on your actions. With this fame, later as more games get introduced the utility for respect will increase, dominating in every minigame on the Emerald City.

RPS Tokenomics

Platform Fees

To sustain the game for many rounds, 10% will be cut from the total waged amount after the result is published. This will facilitate platform growth and support the reward pool and project development.

Reward Pools & Treasury

RPS has two supported tokens that can be used for wagers, one native to the ICON network (ICX) and one that governs the Emerald City (CROWN).

As players use these tokens, a certain percentage is taken as a platform fee that gets accumulated in the Round Treasury Wallet(RTW). The Reward Pool shown on the leaderboard for the round will be accumulated in the Round Reward Wallet(RRW).

During the start of a round, the RRW gets loaded with a fixed reward amount, which can be any of the supported tokens. As the round continues, out of fees that get accumulated in RTW, 40% will be allocated to the reward pool during that round, 10% of $CROWN and 10% of $ICX will be converted to the $CROWN which will get staked at Emerald City Bank and rest 50% will be reserved by the RPS Team and the game owner, for future round continuation and growth. Once the round is over, From the RTW, the 50% reserved tokens will be transferred to RPS main treasury wallet, 10% of the tokens will be staked at Emerald City bank and the rewards accumulated during the round will be claimable in the next round, while the RRW resets with a new fixed amount and RTW resets to 0.

Reward Allocation

The reward distribution is real-time, which means you can always see how much reward you have accumulated for that round. The more you play, the more rewards you get. The reward allocation is based on your score weight in the entire pool of all players’ scores. The score is calculated based on the player’s max streak reached, respects, profit percentage, and total game won. As these stats are influenced, the reward allocation and the score of the player change as well in the round.




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