Season 1: Staking and Character Generation in Base GangWars

4 min readAug 30, 2023

GangWars Alpha is coming to Base, and the generation of characters will be the first step to preparing for the launch.

Unlike GangWars on ICON, where players must own an expensive GangstaBet NFT to play the wars, players on Base can claim characters (off-chain) and play the war games. To create these characters, the GangstaVerse team devised an ingenious way to generate these characters from GangstaBet NFTs on the ICON blockchain. This method engages the community in ways the NFT and gaming ecosystem has never seen and rewards them for their participation and engagement.

Participants will need to stake their GangstaBet NFTs for six months, and in return, they will generate playable characters on the Base blockchain. When a player on Base plays with the characters, the original stakers will earn a share of the revenue from the games. All the revenue earned from the war games will go to shared pools (based on levels) and be distributed periodically. Additionally, all the locked GangstaBet NFTs on ICON will be available for renting on ICON GangWars Alpha when the renting feature is available. The original stakers will be able to earn rewards from both Base and ICON. Almost a thousand games have been played on ICON GangWars, and the demand is ever increasing. We expect more demand on the Base blockchain with their active user base.

Each staked GangstaBet NFT on ICON will generate fifteen (15) characters on the Base blockchain. Players on Base can claim them for a specific period and participate in the wars. Two characters will be made available for free, and to get more characters, they will need to pay a small fee. A portion of the reward (10%) from the characters (game revenue & character claiming) will be distributed to the original stakers of the NFTs.

Users on Base can claim 2 free characters to participate on Wars

Character Generation (Season 1)

The types and levels of the generated characters on Base will depend on staked GangstaBet NFT. You can see the distribution below:

Generated Levels based on original staked NFT
Generated type based on original staked NFT

The stats for the generated characters are assigned after the staking is complete, and the skill points distribution will depend on the staked NFT.

Stake GangstaBet NFTs on ICON to generate characters on Base

Users can regenerate the characters five times for free and pay 200 CROWN for each ten regeneration attempts. The regeneration is purely for visual properties only. Once a user claims a character, it cannot be claimed by another user.

Season 1

Season 1 for GangstaBet NFT staking on ICON will be on Sept 3rd, 2023, at 10 PM PST. Only 150 slots will be open for seven days, where staking will be first-come-first-serve. The NFTs will be locked for six months, and 10,000 CROWN (~$46) need to be staked.

The GangstaVerse governance token, CROWN, can be bought from Balanced DEX. Most CROWN tokens have been deposited in the Emerald City Bank.

Season 1:

  • Only 150 slots will be open, first-come-first-serve, for a period of 7 days
  • Stake & lock GangstaBet NFTs for 6 months
  • Stake 10,000 CROWN per NFT
  • Each GangstaBet NFT will generate 15 characters on Base blockchain
  • Locked GangstaBet NFTs will be available in the rental market (when it is available) on ICON GangWars Alpha
  • Stakers will earn revenue from games & character claiming
  • Stakers can unlock their NFTs by paying a penalty (CROWN) and loosing the staked amount. They will stop receiving rewards.
  • Season 2 can have different rules and condition




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