The Emerald City lands and Land Ownership Certificates (LOC)

2 min readSep 8, 2022

Land Ownership Certificate (LOC) minting will start on the 8th of September at 11:59 PM EST. The Land Ownership Certificates will guarantee you land when we launch our first virtual city — The Emerald City. The ownership of the land will bring rewards and fun in so many ways — the first one will be the passive idle game in the Emerald City (details of which are coming soon).

There are a total of 11,111 lands in the City. Only 3,600 (about 1/3rd of the total lands) LOCs will be available during this mint.

There are two options for minting:

Minting using CROWN

  1. A zone is assigned randomly during the mint. The zone will be visible in the minted Certificate.
  2. A maximum of 10 LOCs can be minted in a single transaction.

Minting using CROWN and BRIBE token

  1. While using a Bribe token with CROWN, you will have the option to select any BRIBEs you have.

The symbol that is represented by a BRIBE determines which zone your land will belong to during the LOC mint.

Here is a list of all the symbols you can see in your Bribe token and what those signify:

1. Tankard — Recreational

2. Blessed Bird — Airport

3. Hammer — Industrial

4. Pouch — Governmental

5. Shrine — Education

6. Potion — Health

7. Gold Coin — Commercial

8. Enchanted Stone — Residential

2. If you have less than or equal to 10 BRIBE tokens, the total number of BRIBE tokens you own will be the maximum number of LOCs you can mint in a single transaction.

Otherwise, a maximum of 10 LOCs can be minted in a single transaction.

You can select different numbers and different types of tokens in the same transaction.

There is no limit to how many LOCs a single address can mint. LOCs can only be minted using CROWN tokens for now. This is mostly to reward people who received CROWN by engaging in our community.

There is a fixed limit to each zone that can be minted. Hence, if you try to use a BRIBE token to mint after the zone of your choice has already hit the limit, the transaction will not proceed. In such a case, you will not be able to use your BRIBE token here and will have to wait for the Land Mint which is coming soon.

A total of 5000 CROWN tokens will be needed to mint one LOC. LOC will only contain information about the zone to which your land will belong. The specific area of the zone will only be determined during the Land Mint. LOCs are to be used during the upcoming Land mint to get random land within the assigned zone.

To mint LOCs, follow this Step-by-step guide to mint Land Ownership Certificate.




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