The Spoils of GangWars: LootCrates

5 min readMar 3, 2023

GangWars brings a whole set of new assets to Gangstaverse in the likes of Weapons, items, and sneak moves.


Weapons (IRC31 tokens) are equipment class assets that will be used by GangstaBets to deal damage to other GangstaBets in a war. Weapons are non-perishable assets that can be used multiple times. These assets can be combined to level up (available in Phase — II).


Items (IRC31 tokens) are assets that can be consumed before entering a GangWar. There is a variety of items each of which has a different kind of use. They are basically divided into two categories: Stat items and non-state items. Consuming a stat item will give a boost in the in-game stat of the GangstaBet while consuming a non-stat item has its own range of benefits. The effect of an item will only last for a single GangWar.

Sneak moves:

Sneak moves are also equipment class assets that GangstaBets can take inside a game and use against their opponents to turn the game in their favor. Like items, they are perishable and will be used up after one use. However, abilities sneak moves do not comply with any token standard i.e. it's not a token unlike items and weapons hence they cannot be traded and can only be gotten through LootCrates.

TLDR; Items and sneak moves are perishable i.e. they can only be used once, while weapons are collectibles that can be combined to upgrade to higher levels in the next phase of GangWars.

We will share more info regarding these assets in detail but for now, we want to bring some to light on how these new assets will be shall distributed.

Introducing GangWars LootCrate

GangWars LootCrates are tradeable NFTs (IRC31 tokens) that can be claimed (burned) to receive different combinations of in-game assets. The players can also choose to buy/sell these LootCrates in the CRAFT market.

A LootCrate could contain one or a combination of the collectibles and perishable assets as listed below:

  • Weapons (collectibles)
  • Items (perishable)
  • Sneak Moves (perishable)

The assets and their drop chances can be viewed in the game’s inventory. The combination of these items will depend on the type of LootCrate.

Types of LootCrates

LootCrate is a general terminology that will refer to the concept discussed earlier. Different variations of LootCrates will be available for different conditions, each with a different combination of drops. These variations will be set to suit different conditions, for example, a LootCrate received from a community event will have different combinations than a LootCrate received after winning a game of GangWar.

For the 1st phase of GangWar, we have the following types of LootCrates planned:

  • GangWars Prepkit LootCrate
  • GangWars PreGameTournament LootCrate (GPT LootCrate)
  • GangWars Rewards LootCrate

How do LootCrates work in GangWars?

As stated earlier, the winning team of GangWars will be rewarded with LootCrates for each member of the winning team. In the same winning team, the assets within the LootCrates can vary. The variation of LootCrate will depend on the setting of the GangWar. There will be special GangWars occasionally based on a specific community and in-game events.

The variation of LootCrate for each GangWar will be revealed earlier and can be viewed in the list of GangWars happening.

Pre-GangWars LootCrate distribution plan

We will be airdropping 1500 LootCrates to our community members before the launch of GangWars. These will be distributed in different categories listed below

More info about the distribution:

NFT Holders:

A total of 1200 Lootcrates will be distributed among the Gangstabet holders.

There will be two different raffle pools for [level 1–7] raffle and [level 8 and higher].

Out of 1200, 400 Loot Crates will be raffled among the Level 1–7 GangstaBet holders.

200 Loot Crates will be raffled among the Level 8–10 GangstaBet holders.

The rest of the 600 Loot Crates will be distributed among the Stat 500 GangstaBet holders. They will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, the first 600 GangstaBets to have 500 Stats will each be guaranteed a Lootcrate.


A total of 100 LootCrates will be raffled among the ICX delegators to the GBET P-Rep (Selection based on several snapshots.) — The entry raffles will be averaged over the time period so the longer you stake until the end of March 2023, the higher your chances of getting the Loot Crates will be. The weight will be more for recent delegators.

LP Providers

30 LootCrates will be raffled among the LP providers (CROWN/GBET) (Weighted more towards recent)


30 LootCrates will be raffled among the Buyers/Sellers in the GangstaBet marketplace.

Active Community members

30 Loot Crates will be raffled among active community members.

Tournament and community competitions

60 Loot Crates will be distributed through the Tournament and community competitions.

Market Activities (Story update, stats upgrade)

20 Loot Crates will be raffled among addresses with different market activities (GangstaBet upgrade and adding stories).

Partnership giveaways

30 Loot Crates will be distributed through various partnership giveaways.

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