Next step in GangstaVerse: GangWars

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GangstaVerse has come a long way from its GangstaBet days — starting with GangstaBet NFTs (a limited collection of digital collectibles), Land Ownership Certificate (Proof of ownership of lands in the Emerald City), The Emerald City (the first city in GangstaVerse), the rebranding from GangstaBet to GangstaVerse (reflecting the growing ambition of the project) and GangstaVerseDAO (a governance system that lets our community help make important decisions about the direction of our project).

Now, we are currently actively developing GangWars as the next big part of GangstaVerse. And we are here to share the latest announcement.


GangWars is an accretion of all that we have worked on so far, it is a game where our NFTs take part in a war that is set to take place in The Emerald City. GangWars is a simulation based game with RPG elements which will affect the outcome of the game. The game will consist of GangstaBet NFTs joining a war with their team against other teams. For the war, there will be new on-chain and off-chain items and equipment that will be added to the GangstaVerse ecosystem.

Short Summary of GangWars:

  • Players will join GangWars using their GangstaBet NFTs, 1 wallet will be able to use only one GangstaBet NFT in a GangWar
  • The player will be able to equip different weapons and other special items to help them in the war
  • After entering the war, the player will be assigned to one of two teams who will be involved in the GangWar
  • The game will be simulation based with different events happening which will affect the flow of the battle.
  • There will be some active and passive gameplay elements that players can choose to take in the GangWar.
  • The passive elements will not require the players to be present during a GangWar while for the active elements will require the players to be present during the GangWar.
  • The game will go through different events that will impact the flow of the battle.
  • The game will end once the designated time is up or once all the party members of a team die.
  • In the case of the time running out, the team with the highest health pool will win.
  • The winners will be rewarded with some loot which they can use in their future GangWars or trade

Before we go there, let’s take a look at how the current assets in the GangstaVerse will come into play in GangWars.

GangWars as a part of GangstaVerse

GangstaBet NFTs and GBET tokens

GangstaBet NFTs are a crucial part of GangWars as they will be the ones taking part in the game. These NFTs have a stat system where they can level up using GBET tokens. These stats will play a major role in the GangWars to come as they will determine the in-game stats for that particular NFT when they take part in a war.

The GangstaBets’ stats will be mapped into different in-game stats made to facilitate the RPG aspect of the game. One can expect a higher level NFT to be more powerful in the game, someone who has invested heavily in a certain skill will see higher in-game stat..We are aware that the GangstaBets have a ceiling when it comes to leveling up using GBet tokens, therefore there will be a mechanism where the players will be able to upgrade their in-game stats beyond what is possible with just GBet tokens.(Note: Any upgrade made in GangWars will be exclusive in GangWars and will not be reflected in the GangstaBet’s inherent stats — it will be off-chain)


CROWN, our governance token, will also play a major role in GangWars. There will be a type of war where the players can join by paying some CROWN, these CROWNs will be added to the reward pool and winners will get it as a part of the rewarding mechanism. Speaking of rewards, CROWNs will also be one of the rewards that the players may get for winning a GangWar. It will be dropped along with other rewards as the part of the rewarding mechanism.

More utilities for CROWN will be added in the future, as we progress further with GangWars.

Besides the added utility to the past assets we also will be adding some new elements to GangstaVerse and we would like to share a few of them here.

What to Expect in GangWars?

Weapons, items and other equipment/consumables

GangWars is inspired from the tried and tested Traditional RPG mechanics system along with our own twists to make it more web3 friendly. So as with any RPG it must have an equipment/consumable system. The equipment/consumable system for GangWars will introduce a whole list of items, weapons and other game elements which will serve as a crucial factor in the GangWars to come.

The weapons will be tokenized on the ICON blockchain serving as valuable assets for the present iterations. For the future, we have plans set in place for upgrading these weapons for higher impact in GangWars. Thus, collecting weapons of different types and subtypes will prove to be useful in the long run.

GangstaBet NFTs who already possess a weapon in their NFT will own those weapons by default. These default weapons will not be tradable but will be usable in GangWar if the equipped weapon runs out of ammo. Thus, providing a significant edge in every GangWar.

About the 1st Iteration

Every game must start somewhere and for GangWars, the 1st quarter of 2023 will be its start with the release of the 1st iteration of GangWars. By no means this will be able to provide the full picture of what we envision GangWars as but it will be a toned down version of the full game.

Some parts that will be vital in the complete game will take a lot of time and feedback from our community to make it the best possible. Thus, other aspects depending on those major parts of GangWars will have to be tweaked for the initial release. These will be improved as new gameplay elements are added.

The reward mechanism also falls under the toned down parts of the game and will be further built upon as the game progresses

Rewarding Mechanism for the 1st phase

The players in the winning team will get random drops of on-chain loot-crates (with an assortment of random items, weapons, abilities and/or CROWN) at the end of each game.

Joining and preparing for GangWars

GangWars is going to happen, but how can one prepare for it? These are a few details we can share:

  1. A player will need to own a GangstaBet NFT in order to take part in GangWars — at least for this iteration (Alpha-release). In the future iteration, players will be able to rent NFTs in order to take part in GangWars. This will make the game accessible for non-NFT holders as well.
  2. There will be some games that are free to enter while the others may have some CROWN fees. The game with CROWN fees will have higher rewards (possibly in terms of CROWN rewards or in terms of more effective items and equipment).
  3. The in-game stats for all GangstaBets will be derived from their NFT stat that players can choose to upgrade using GBETs.

Final thoughts

The GangstaVerse team is fully committed to the release of the first iteration of GangstaVerse within the 1st quarter of 2023. This will be an Alpha release and as stated above will be a toned down version of the complete game.

With this Alpha release, we are hoping to receive as much feedback as possible from our community to make the game even better. We appreciate everyone who has been with us through this tough crypto winter and want to encourage our community to take part in the conversation about GangWars to help us make it the best possible.

As for the questions regarding GangWars, we will be sure to provide more information in the upcoming articles. Thank you for your patience, GangWars shall be a worthy addition to our GangstaVerse.




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