Base Release Recap: A Brief Overview for Those Who Might Have Missed It

2 min readNov 28, 2023

GangWars on Base is set to launch at 6:15 AM PST on 28 November 2023. So much has happened in GangstaVerse in the last few months, here’s an article to get you caught up.

GangWars on ICON

GangWars is a web3 simulation-based game with RPG elements that affect the outcome of the game. The game consists of GangstaBet NFTs joining a war where their team fights against other teams equipped with items, weapons, and sneak moves. Read more here.

GangWars was initially launched in the ICON Blockchain in Q2 2023. GangWars also includes Lootcrates as a reward for playing the game. Inside the crates are various on-chain and off-chain assets (items, weapons, and sneak moves) that can be used in-game. To date, over 1000 wars have been hosted, along with multiple usable items for the game.

GangWars on BASE

GangWars is now available on a new chain- BASE. The gameplay will remain the same, as will the loot crates and the items within, the main difference being you don’t have to own an NFT to be able to play, you can claim two free playable characters to play the game with at any time or hire more.


LootCrates will also be available on BASE and will consist of similar items. Winners of GangWars will be able to get LootCrates as a reward, and their drop rates will be shared.

LootCrates from ICON were also available to be bridged to BASE for a limited time. The Bridged Lootcrates and their drop rates can be found here.

In addition to this, we also have a free mint where you can mint one LootCrate on BASE!

ICON Staking

Playable Characters on GangWars: Base is generated by staking GangstaBet NFTs on ICON. The Staking will be done in Seasons. Season 1 of Staking is now over, and Season 2 will be live soon. To know more about staking, please read this article.

Every staked character in ICON generates 15 playable characters on BASE. The stakers will get a portion of the winner’s reward pool from each game. The rewards will be given out in bulk.

That’s all we have for this update. We will continue to add articles on how to prepare for the upcoming release, so stay tuned on our various social media platforms.




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