The Essential Guide to GangWar on Base

4 min readDec 1, 2023

GangWar on Base is finally out, and we have released a few articles on different aspects of GangWar, including setting up your MetaMask wallet, claiming characters, LootCrate rewards, and many more.

This article summarizes all related articles published previously, as well as a few things that may not have yet been covered. This article will be a one-stop for all the information needed to play GangWars: Base.

Setting up a Wallet

You would need a wallet for transactions on the BASE blockchain. There are many wallets that you could use, however, we will be using two self-custody wallets (MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet). If you haven’t yet created your wallet, please read through this tutorial for MetaMask or this tutorial for Coinbase and do so.

Playable Characters

In Base, GangWar is made more accessible by removing the need to own GangstaBet NFTs. Playable Characters can be claimed from a pool. These Characters have been generated by staking the NFTs on the first chain — ICON.

You can claim up to two GangstaBet characters for free at any given time from here. You will be able to play with the claimed characters for a week. If you would like to keep playing with the same character, you can extend the holding duration by a month for a certain fee. Otherwise, you can simply claim other two free characters from the available pool.

If you want to claim more than two characters, you can hire them from the Market. Hired Characters will be available for a period of 30 days. The cost of hiring new Characters or extending the holding period of a playable character is as follows:

Already hired characters can be renewed again once their period has expired. Players can also choose to renew characters before expiry.

Note: For free characters, if you have played using your GangstaBet Character in the last three days before the expiry time, you can keep them for an additional week free of charge.

Base LootCrates:

Base LootCrates can be won as a reward for winning a Base: GangWar. There are different wars with varying participation fees (Free, $2, $6, and $8).

There are also various lootcrates that can be won for outstanding performance in GangWars. These are Annihilator LootCrates, SOS LootCrates, and MVP LootCrates.

The LootCrates won will have different rewards. For an in-depth look at the drop rates of the rewards given, please refer to this article.

Participation Fees and Winning Rewards

70% of the total participation fees pool will be distributed among the winning team, 10% will be distributed among the original GangstaBet stakers on ICON (Know more about GangstaBet NFT Staking here), 10% will go to scheduling gas fees and 10% will be charged as platform fee.

Note: For the release month, we are giving a 10% platform fee to the winning team. Hence, 80% of the total participation fees will be given to the winning team for the first month of release.

For the 80% winning reward, the distribution will be as such:

Note: This distribution will be changed after the first month to 70% for winners.

Leaderboard Rewards

GangWars on Base will have a similar reward structure to what we currently have in ICON. The rewards are divided into seasonal rewards, monthly rewards, and weekly rewards.

Note: For the first month of GangWar: Base, the monthly reward duration will be from Nov 28- Dec 31.

The items, weapons, and sneak moves found inside these LootCrates will be revealed at a later date, but these will be similar to what we currently have on ICON. The Seasonal Top Wins Crate will contain 1 Golden Key. For an in-depth look at the leaderboards, please read this article.

GangWarOnBase Bounty Bonanza

To celebrate our game’s launch, we’re hosting a month-long giveaway extravaganza to give away $5000 in prizes. Dive into exciting in-game activities, engage with the community, and participate in different campaigns to win awesome prizes.

Read more on the Bounty Bonanza, and all about our campaigns and adventures here.




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